The Day I Interviewed Jeff Mayweather (32-10-5)

By Malibongwe Tokwe

“Dont worry about the rest, because you train with the best” Floyd Joy Mayweather sr

“Most people dont know sh!t about boxing” Roger Black Mamba Mayweather

“Oh Lord make him move his @ss away from the right hand” Jazzy Jeff Mayweather

“God only made one thing in this world that’s perfect – and that’s my boxing record” Floyd Money Mayweather jr

Boxing is running in the blood of the Mayweather family and the proof has been demonstrated from the time of Mayweather sr all the way to their talented son Maywather jr.

Sometime on Jan 2014 I got an opportunity to interview Jeff Mayweather who had a good career of boxing in his own right.

Jeff won and defended 3 times the IBO super feather weight title, and also fell short when he squared with former world champions such as Jesse James Leija & Oscar De La Hoya (FHOF). He is the only one in the Mayweather family that is open minded about the combat sport, he trains cage fighters as well. Mayweather Jr has mentioned many times that Jeff has played a very important role to his success, he is a great mentor and has a fine eye to pick opponents weaknesses.

Enjoy & let me know what you think…

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