Dingaan “The Rose of Soweto” Thobela

By Malibongwe Tokwe:

Is he the greatest boxer of all times in South Africa?

Is he the best lightweight Champion ever to come from Africa?

How does he compare among the best lightweight champions of the World?

Dingaan Thobela was the great champion for all the different races of South Africa. He was the peoples champion who was charismatic inside and outside the ring. His style of fighting, the display of the roses he gave to the ladies on fight night, his charming looks, the clean line hair-cut (Young Nelson Mandela hair style) and the attitude he had was the true reflection of the real Champion.

Dingaan is the former SA jnr lightweight, WBO lightweight, IBO welterweight, SA super middleweight & WBC super middleweight champion in the career life span of 20 years with 56 professional fights.


Maliboxing team is proud to share the interview of the great legend, talking about his life, his boxing memories and his insights on the current boxing affairs.

The champ shares few stories for the very first time, he talks about his late granny Maria Ntombizodwa Ndlovu (Mandlovu) who predicted at early age that he will be the future Champion, way before he started to box.

The champ shares his memories of the classic bouts he fought with great fighters of the past such as Elijah Cele, Mpisekhaya Mbhaduli, Ditau Paul Molefyane, Tony Lopez & Orzubek Nazarov.

How about the dream match of the 90’s? Dingaan Thobela vs Brian Mitchell (HOF)

Well maliboxing have it all for you, the Champ gives us his thoughts on that fight, and he also tells us the story of the memorable sparring that happened in USA between himself and Brian… (What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ? nope, not with maliboxing)

Enjoy our part 1 of the interview with the Dingaan “The Rose of Soweto” Thobela

Enjoy our part 2 of the interview with the Dingaan “The Rose of Soweto” Thobela

3 thoughts on “Dingaan “The Rose of Soweto” Thobela”

  1. Dingaan was a talented boxer who showed hunger early in his career and I had a privilege of watching most of his fights soon after dethroning Mpisekhaya Mbhaduli for the S A junior lightweight title.He came from behind to stop Pilipe Orosco in the last round,the same man who gave Brain Mitchell tough time a few months earlier.Dingaan Thobela fighting under World Sports Promotions of Thinus Strydom l didn’t mind waking up at 2 am every time this man fought abroad.


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