Lehlohonolo “Hands of Stone” Ledwaba

By Malibongwe Tokwe

When you learn to fight as a boxer for the first time, all you want to do is to box, you become popular in all of the surrounding mirrors because of the pleasure felt from ducking, catching and punching  invincible opponents, you.

The more you learn, the better you become, the more it hurts, the easier it gets, as you break through the barriers of blood, sweat & pain.

The weirdest feeling you develop is when it hurts even more, the more it hurts the better is the satisfaction of winning, as you earn more respect for winning against better opponents.

Based on the above statements, I believe we have the right to conclude that all the hurting moments we overcome should be celebrated the most, simply because they can only make us stronger.

That for me proves the satisfaction in boxing is not about the feeling boxers get when they throw the punches to the faces of their opponents, there is nothing glorious in hitting the opponents sweaty face by your fist anyway, the glory is after the fight, when you are a star, when you are appreciated and seen as a hero by your fans.

Can I then conclude that the fighter’s feelings all depends on how we appreciate them during and after their careers are completed? absolutely right, as I am always right except when I am wrong anyway…

The story of Lehlohonolo “Hands of Stone” Ledwaba touched my heart, he was a great champion that went through a lot of unnecessary challenges just like you and me, the difference is we break, and he did not break at all, just like the true Champion he was,


The champion had a career of 46 fights with only 6 losses in a career of 17 years.

He is…

  1. The former Transvaal champion
  2. The former South African Super Bantamweight champion
  3. The former WBA Pan African Super Featherweight champion
  4. The former WBO Bantamweight Champion of the world
  5. The former IBF Super Bantamweight Champion of the world

He has fought the best of his era and the notable names among those are, Enesto Grey, Vuyani Bhungu, Cassius Baloyi and Manny Pacman Pacquio (FHOF).

I have never seen the fighter of his body size with so much vicious punching power, he was so hard hitting, he stopped most of his opponents by body punches

  1. Did you know  in the 80’s he had to lay off for more than 2 years due to SA politics?
  2. He did not have to fight both June Siko & Ncedile Siko,  there was a confusion!!!
  3. How come he never square with Vuyani Bhungu early in his career?
  4. He believes he was misled by his camp for the  Manny Pacquiao fight.
  5. His career ended due to the acts of the dirty fighter in Denmark who gouged his eye with his thumb.
  6. Is Spend Abazi fight last round, the shortest ever?
  7. His career was dismissed 48hrs before the world title championship shot, why?

http://www.maliboxing.com has it all for you, tune in and hear for yourself.

After all, life continues, the Champ is still motivated to contribute in the sport of boxing, he is training and managing young fighters every day without any complaints.

I personally feel honored to have the lifetime interview of the great legend who is the genuine gentleman that could hit like the heavyweight at bantamweight division.

Enjoy the interview


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