Oscar Mashudu Chauke

By Malibongwe Tokwe

Most of us perceive fighters as supermen, we tend to forget about their values, we even forget about their birthdays or any other  things that matters to us human beings.

Today was a special day for a good friend of mine who is the incredible fighter “Oscar Mashudu Chauke”, the Champ was celebrating his 37 years birthday with his lovely beautiful wife Jabulile Ngozo Nembaya in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg.


When I phoned the Champ wishing him the birthday in the morning he was breathing high, his breath was short and long just like the sound of the coal train passing the echoing mountain tunnels.

I asked

“Champ my brother how are you ?”

He replied


I said

“Happy Birthday Champ”

He replied


I thought that was weird, its his birthday and he gives me those short answers, are you kidding me?

Before I could finish thinking the statement above with my boxing glove head, he informed me that he is doing road work, he is fighting on the 29th Sep 2017 for the WBF junior lightweight title.

I thought wow, if that is not dedication then there is no such, he is running on his birthday preparing for the fight? I mean he could have taken a break.

Guess what, not with Oscar Mashudu Chauke Nembaya, he recently changed his surname to Nembaya for his personal reasons, and he is even more motivated to capture the WBF title, and this time he wants it for his legacy.

Oscar Chauke has fought so many great fights in South Africa, he fought fighters like Springkaan Khongoane, Jeffrey Mathebula, Takalani Ndlovu, Macbute Sinyabi, Tshifhiwe Munyai and many more.

He is…

  1. The former SA Super Bantamweight Champion
  2. The former WBF Super Bantamweight Champion of the world
  3. The former SA Featherweight Champion
  4. The former IBF Intercontinental Featherweight champion
  5. The former WBF intercontinental Super Featherweight champion

His memorable battles to date were mostly in the Eastern Cape as a challenger, specifically in Mdantsane (Orient Theater).

“There is no better place to be, than Mdantsane Orient Theater on fight night” he told me.

“They love me so much there because I have brought great fights, in fact I brought wars” he elaborated with the most satisfied smile in his face.

Oscar Mashudu Chauke is from the school of the Chabalala’s & the Baloyi’s (Trained by Cassious Baloyi father Eric Baloyi) all the way from Limpopo armature rankings. He was pulled in boxing gym because of the street fights he was always involved in.

He told me “I fought in the streets because I could not speak the language of Venda, the other boys were taking advantage of me, because I just could not communicate”

“Malibongwe I am not done with boxing, I have few fights in me, I am now fighting for my legacy, and I have a wife that believes in me, she loves me and she respects my profession, with the support she gives me, I can do this until the cows come home” He said all that without a single blink in his eyes, and I knew the man meant business.


Please listen to my friend who is a great fighter, hear him sharing all his pro boxing memorable moments. He is a great family man I look up to.

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