Phillip “The Time Bomb” Ndou

By Malibongwe Tokwe

Another epic interview from Maliboxing blog, this time with one of the terrific hard hitters in the history of South African boxing,

Phillip “The Time Bomb” Ndou


His fighting skills showed from the early ages in the fields of Thohoyandou, herding the cattle of his family as a young boy. All the other boys his was with fell short when they tested their fighting skills against him, “I never lost the single fight when I fought the other boys” he proclaims.

His professional record of 42 bouts with 34 knockouts is one of the shining records ever produced in the African continent. His outstanding record of 31 knockouts in his first 32 fights earned him attention in the world of boxing, as he stopped most of his opponents within the first 6 rounds.

Phillip’s boxing career has not been different to the all time greats, he represented his country of South Africa in summer Olympics of 1996, in Atlanta, United States of America, where he was  eliminated in the second series when Somluck Kamsing from Thailand defeated him by 12-7 score.

Unlike most of African fighters, his professional debut was overseas in Widnes, Britain, stopping Nigel Leake with a vicious left-hook; right-uppercut combination. His manager/trainer Nick Durandt (RIP) took him to the deep ends, early in his career, fighting him in different countries as a journey man to building up his confidence to knockout even more opponents.

Phillip Ndou is the…

  1. Seven time former South African featherweight amateur  champion (1990 to 1996)
  2. The former South African featherweight champion
  3. The former WBA Inter-Continental featherweight champion
  4. The former WBC International Super featherweight champion
  5. The former WBU Super featherweight champion

The champion expresses himself in his polite soft  voice talking about his upset win of the SA featherweight championship bout with Jacky “The Pressure Cooker” Gunguluza from the Eastern Cape.

He shares about the punching power training techniques he used in his career, he explains the importance of continuous training to excel in the sport of boxing.

For the very first time in public, Phillip talks about the fight of the year battle he had with Cassious Baloyi on 2001 in Carnival City, Brakpan.

“Nick was a smart trainer, he told me to forget about using power punches to Cassious, he told me to box him and finish the rounds”  he said.

His fight with Floyd Mayweather jr on 2003 was one of his greatest performances even though he was stopped in the 7th round. “I wish I could fight him again, if I fought him like I fought  Baloyi in the championship rounds, I would have won” he elaborates.

Phillip went the extra mile and shared his religion beliefs, thanking God for all the strength he gave him to overcome his opponents, in a dangerous sport of boxing.

Finally the champ appreciates the support he received from the South African and international fans, he also thank all his opponents for the opportunities they gave,  enebling him to be the great fighter he was.

The champ humbly apologizes for the upsets he caused inside and outside the ring, he explains that he is only a man and men make mistakes, saying those words when he  shared about what happened in the unfortunate incident that took place in BSA offices in Limpompo on 2016.

Maliboxing blog would like to thank Phillip Ndou for the great fights he had, we would like to thank him for his time to talk to us about his boxing career. He was a great fighter and he represented the country of South Africa many times, and for that, we salute you Champ…

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the interview with the champ Phillip “The Time Bomb” Ndou

Part 1

Part 2



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