Maliboxing Poetry

By Malibongwe Tokwe


I often hear the fans refer to boxing as the sweet science, some call it pugilism and the others simply define it as the unforgiving cold-blooded sport that has taken lives AND/OR left them poor.

My definition of Boxing as a sport is rather detailed, graphic and comprehensive.

I would like to define BOXING as the greatest sport I dearly love, the sport where two almost naked gladiators are competing in a fair-fist-fighting-feud.

The battle is governed by the set of the rules, instead of the sharp dagger behind the shield of the gladiator, there are blunt-boxing-gloves behind the mean man, and that for only one distinct purpose, to protect the hands of the fighters from injuries so that they can fight more often and have longer fighting careers.

These warriors are matched with the consideration of their body physiques, to test each other’s grit, strength, intelligence and mostly the obsession for glory.

If boxing is not the greatest sport that enforces discipline, healthy living and the purification of one’s body-&-soul, then I am afraid there is no such.

Winning or losing, boxing is such an addictive painful self-fulfilling sport that will live for as long as hands of the man can close to fists and raise for glory.

As poetic and exotic as it might sound, it is one of the toughest sport one can participate in.

This game of the ancients commands extra ordinary preparations, where one has to make ultimate sacrifices of food intakes, do the repetitive extremely hard cardio workouts and have lonely long miles of road work in dazzling heat conditions.

Guess what,,, even that exceptional hard work and tremendous effort guarantees one no win on fight night,

Sadly it is just the preparations for the battle, keep fit and maintain the fighting weight class.

In this one sport of the ages you do not get the luxury opportunity of blaming your pal when things are not going well, you are on your own inside the square circle facing your opponent who wishes you no good.

Oh yes, if he has a wish, it is simply to chop your head off the shoulders by his dangerous punches.

On fight night, there you are, squaring with your sweating opponent, and suddenly hearing the deep voice of the invisible man who sees half of the action,

oh yea its no water nor milk he used to quench his thirst.

He has never worn the glove in his life, let alone the boxing glove, and proudly he shouts “Jab, Left Hook and Uppercut”.

How dare he makes it sounds so easily?

You are in there wondering if that was meant to be your advice or the advice for the opponent you are facing.

Boom & Boom, your opponent lands his left-right punch combination in your jaw and that feels nothing less than the bolt of thunder strike.

The fight is over, you have been knocked out, there is no glory, and you are nothing but a defeated fighter.

Those are the tribulations one must be prepared for as a fighter in the sport of boxing,

Just like the normal life we are living, you must focus, always have and follow the game plan and be mentally strong at all times.

Great fighters know the good advice, moreover they are humble enough to listen to all but only apply what works to win.

Ladies and Gentlemen the reason for all that is not hard to figure, inside the boxing ring, things are not as simple as they look from the outside.

The win rewards are just as satisfying as the bitterness feeling of losing the fight.

You become everyone’s friend, you get celebrated by thousands and everyone gets to know your name “The Champ”, “El Kampion”, “Intshatsheli”

One can argue that almost sounds like the glory I wish to narrate to you all, however & sadly the championship glory is one thing I believe I do not have the right and honor to talk about,

And that is not only because I have never been a champion myself,,,

but because it must be a special feeling that should rather be expressed by those who earned it, “The CHAMPIONS”, “El Kampions” “Kunye-neeNtshatsheli”

Boxing! Boxing! Boxing!    Boxing! Boxing! Boxing!


By Malibongwe



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